Summary of Recent Happenings

school-attendees haemoglobin camp summer camp awareness program

Mountain View School now open!

Our school opened at the beginning of the new school year, in June. We are thrilled to see the village children enjoying the clean environment, lively, activity-based lessons and wholesome outdoor play. They are all making excellent progress and also picking up English fast.

other happenings

Inspite of being very busy with the opening of the school, we have been continuing with our social and educational programs in nearby villages. Some recent programs include: HIV awareness, hemoglobin checks for adolescent girls, a free eye screening camp, in conjunction with Aravind Eye Hospital, and other awareness programs.



Summary of March Happenings

Women's Day Celebration English classes Clean-up campaign Tamil Meena Stories

Women’s day Program—a special program was held to celebrate Women's Day in a local village, and the women encouraged and informed on relevant issues.

As a follow up activity to the haemoglobin camp, the parents of the adolescent girls who were underwent HB test were assembled and they were informed about the health status of their children.. The importance of de worming tablets, iron and calcium supplements and nutritious diet was explained in the meeting. They were requested to take their children to Primary Health centre for clinical services.

Spoken English classes —As a continuous process the spoken English classes were conducted for the tuition students every Saturday at the SHE Centre. They receive training to read, speak and write the English words and to use dictionary to find the meaning of the words.

Clean up campaign Follow up—A follow-up cleaning campaign was conducted in a local village School on 14.3.15. The remaining trash and thorn bushes were removed in the school campus and around the school and anganwadi. The teachers and students were motivated to keep their environment clean. They were requested to keep the dust bins to collect the trashes.

Meena stories—Meena stories are the UNICEF awareness stories for Children. RPI has taken steps to translate those stories with attractive pictures into Tamil for the anganwadi kids in anganwadi and tuitions.

Summary of February Happenings

spoken English classes Awareness program for teen girls TB awareness program

We now have 60 students attending spoken English classes twice a month on Saturdays. They are very interested in learning English and enjoyed roll-play to practice what they are learning.

During our evening tuitions, emphasis was placed in helping students prepare for up-coming exams.

Several tuberculosis awareness programmes were held throughout the month, and one awareness programme for adolescent girls. The girls were uninformed about issues affecting them at this age and learned a lot from the program, which includes the basic health , self hygine, menstrual hygiene,heamoglobin level, importance of education,gender equality and  early marriage issues. they actively participated in the program and asked various health related questions.

Summary of January Happenings

Swachh bharat clean India campaign Pongal celebration children enjoy games after Saturday classes

Highlight of the month was the launch of our clean-India campaign in our local villages. Lots of people joined in to clean up our nearest village. Now the challenge to put systems and incentives in place to keep the villages clean.

A highlight for our tuition students was the Pongal celebration held at our site. A tradional snack of 'pongal' and sugar cane was enjoyed by all.

Other happenings this month included continued awareness programs for HIV, tuberculosis and diabetes. More parents meetings were also held to involved parents in supporting their children's education.

Our regular work continues as normal, with evening tuitions for village students and regular visits to local anganwadis to work with the children. Our tuition students now enjoy sports activities after their Saturday English and math tutoring.