Take the Rs.100 challenge!

Your donation today of Rs.100 or more helps us to build more classrooms, teach more children, promote gender equality and female rights, help more people. Together we can make radical improvement to the education of children from some of the poorest rural communities; we can provide more health awareness to mothers and adolescents; continue working with local government departments to fight the scourge of HIV and TB.

Join us to build a brighter future.

Construction and furnishing of new classrooms

No Need Details Rs. Estimation
1 Construction of 14 additional classrooms 1,70,00,000
2 Toilet block for new classrooms 13,00,000
3 Desks, cupboards, electrical fixtures & cc tv cameras 7,00,000
4 Three smart boards to be shared by the classes. 3,90,000

General Funds

No Need Details Rs. Estimation
1 General Funds 1,00,000

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